Francesco the Man of God: original music and orchestral arrangements

  • Regia: Claudio Mattioli
  • Musica: Claudio Mattioli - except "La lanterna" Cristiano Alberghini - Denis Biancucci Arrangements - Cristiano Alberghini Orchestrations
  • Orchestra: Szeged Symphony Orchestra (Hungary) - Directed by G. Sándor
  • Sceneggiatura: Lyrics Barbara Zanasi
  • Luci: Alberto Ravazzini
  • Fotografia: Costumes Veronica Ravazzini
  • Anno: 2008/2009

Il progetto, in breve

On the occasion of the eight hundred years of the conversion of Saint Francis, the Amarcòrd Group proposes an original form of show.

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It is a work of original pieces by Claudio Mattioli, arranged by Denis Biancucci and Cristiano Alberghini, except “La lanterna” written by Cristiano Alberghini.

The orchestrations of all the pieces have been edited and written by Cristiano Alberghini

Szeged Symphonic Orchestra (Hungary)
Directed by Gyüdi Sándor

(56 Musicians)

2 Flutes / 2° Piccolo
1 Oboe / English Horn
1 Clarinet Bb
1 Bass Clarinet Bb
1 Bassoon

1 Trumpet Bb / Piccolo Trumpet Bb
2 French Horns
1 Trombone
1 Tuba

Timpani (I timp. 32″ – II Timp. 28″ – III Timp. 25″)
Wind Chimes
Suspended Cymbals
Tam Tam
Bass Drum

1 Drum Kit


1 Acting voice

1 Soprano
1 Mezzo-soprano
1 Tenor
1 Baritone

10 Violins I
8 Violins II
6 Violas
6 Cellos
4 Double Bass (5 corde)

"Francesco the Man of God" comes from an idea of the Pianist and Singer Baritone Claudio Mattioli, the show is at once theatrical, lyrical and operatic - defined as "lyrical cabarét".
The show, written in collaboration with the friars of Assisi, was scripted and performed by Claudio Mattioli on original texts by Barbara Zanasi.