Gherdëina, Gherdëina: orchestral arrangement

  • Musica: Traditional song - arrangement and orchestration by Cristiano Alberghini
  • Anno: Dec. 15, 2017 - TV RAI SPORT Tg ore 19:40
  • Cast: Mezzosoprano Sabina Willeit

Il progetto, in breve

Celebration of the 50th anniversary FIS SCI World Cup Val Gardena
– 15 December 2017 – RAI SPORT Tg at 19:40


Gherdëina, Gherdëina” – Popular song

Mezzosoprano: Sabina Willeit
Arrangements and orchestration: Cristiano Alberghini

The mezzo-soprano Sabina Willeit has performed this song beautifully, seeing her at the forefront during the spectacular celebration of the 50th anniversary, of a party that had never been seen in Val Gardena.

This piece should be used outdoors and for the celebration of the 50th anniversary for the FIS SCRI world cup in Val Gardena (Italy), as requested by the client, I wrote an introductory part of symphonic character for large orchestra.This element (symphonic), however, had to be maintained throughout the arrangement, characterizing an execution that goes back to the Viennese Waltzes, thus enhancing this famous traditional melody.