Blakula “Back From Mystery City” : arrangiamento orchestrale

  • Produzione: BFKCD022 - Release Date: 19 Mar 2012
  • Ideatori: Diaphanoids
  • Musica: Arrangiamento Orchestrale: Cristiano Alberghini
  • Anno: 2012

Il progetto, in breve

Blakula is back, more intoxicated, broken-hearted, sad, horny, dazed and confused than ever. Each track tells a tale of doom and gloom, torment and desire, ecstasy and pain, painted with the darkest shade of noir color and the deepest red. As with the first record, Blackula’s musical brew is eclectic: seventies’ funk, Giallo and horror soundtracks, psychedelia, rock, contemporary classical, the avant-garde, no wave, free jazz & blues.


The nocturnal funk of the title track has the groove of a subway train ridin’ into the darkness. Glam guitar, violent noise and hysterical brass sections pepper “Hurt Me”. “A Darker Shade of Noir” rolls on with its possessed voodoo priestess chants, followed by the melancholic contemporary chamber music piece of “Nights Are So Long“.

Beautiful Addiction” is a frantic exercise in eerie shrieks and dark orchestral movements.

Every Eild Eesire” is as dirty as a standing up f**k in a back alley.

The minimal voodoo slo-fi beat of “The Weight Of Darkness” is full of trance-like vocals, whispers, flutes and spooky keyboards.

Early Dawn Bites And The Electric Spirits” is a solitary Chet Baker impersonator spitting his soul through a saxophone, before passing out on a curb, lulled by the big city noises.

The Giallo funk of “Deadlier than love” is a killer groove with keyboards and maniac horns, until the final curtain “Far From The City Lights.” It’s the end title for this imaginary movie soundtrack, a song of sin and redemption dramatically sung by Nigerian anti-Diva Francesca Blakk, with a narco-shuffle-kling and a trashcan klang, James Bond-like melody merged in a (No) New York Bowery sewer.

This record is the autopsy of an obsession, and reflects all the aspects of a tortured soul.

1. Back From Mystery City
2. Hurt Me
3. A Darker Shade Of Noir
4. Nights Are So Long
5. Beautiful Addiction
6. Every Wild Desire
7. The Weight Of Darkness
8. Early Dawn Bites And Electric Spirits
9. Deadlier Than Love
10. Far From The City Lights

Release Date: 19 Mar 2012


All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Marco “Simon” Maccari and Andrea Bellentani (Diaphanoids)

Nights are so long” written by Andrea Bellentani, Simon Maccari and Cristiano Alberghini

Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adam Klemens, recorded @ Smecky Recording Studios Prague.
Cristiano Alberghini: orchestral arrangements

Recorded at Telecine Studio Rome, Sound Di Ripetta Rome, Hausmonik Studio Rome, 2010-2011.

Final recordings and mixed at Peak Studio Italy.

Mastered by Simon Maccari at Peak Studio Italy.

Musicians: Cristiano Alberghini, Alessio Alberghini, Carlo Apolloni, Wilko Zanni, Italo Satti, Renato Castoldi, Vittorio Schifani, Mario Sehtl, Alle Guerzoni, Marco Bedetti, Giò Mazzini, Francesco Luberti, Roberto Grechi, Paolo Antonelli, Mauro Sica, Patrizio Moro, Aldo Amici, Ennio Fiorini.

Francesca Blakk: Vocals on “Far from the city lights”, “The weight of darkness”, “A darker shade of noir”.

Brass Ensembles: Sax & Co., Fiati Reali, Little Big Horns.
Alessio Alberghini: Sax on “Early dawn bites and electric spirits”.

Strings Ensembles: “I Modernissimi”, Schema Sinfonietta, Giovane Accademia d’Archi Roma.

Lyrics by Andrea Bellentani.

Artwork by Dona Coristi.

Photo by Damian Galli.

Thanks: JP and MRC. Stevie Kotey. Laurent Garnier, Matt @ Civil Music, Sinan Ors, Sandra Taylor, Christian Zingales, Roberto Mandolini, Bill Brewster, Vania Moura, Marc Smith @ Rough Trade, Tony Poland, Todd Burns, Nick Gale, Tristan Hanks, James Huxley, Casey Van Reyk, Justin Peczkowski, Markus Breidbach, Chris Mc Givern, Russell Deeks, Deisy Denis Pol, Stuff Magazine, Keith Davis, Caroline Kaven, Joe Muggs, Malcolm Dakeyo, Simone Prandi, Music like dirt blog, Neon hub blog, Petit fumee blog, Hush word press, and all the other bloggers who wrote about us…you know who you are! Paul Jordan for the support from the distance. Dona Coristi. Valerio Barbati, Max Lotti.

In questo progetto molto stimolante, ho arrangiato e scritto le parti orchestrali degli archi. Una bellissima esperienza, grazie anche alla collaborazione di tutti i professionisti coinvolti.

"Nights are so long" written by Andrea Bellentani, Simon Maccari and Cristiano Alberghini

Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adam Klemens, recorded @ Smecky Recording Studios Prague.

Cristiano Alberghini: orchestral arrangements




Blakula “Back From Mystery City”

Bearfunk – BFKCD022 – Release Date: 19 Mar 2012
Cristiano Alberghini: orchestral arrangements