Blakula! Paint it red : arrangiamenti orchestrali

  • Produzione: Bear Funk - BFKCD028_01s
  • Ideatori: Diaphanoids
  • Musica: Arrangiamenti Orchestrali: Cristiano Alberghini
  • Anno: 2013

Il progetto, in breve

He got pierced in the soul, stuck between nowhere and goodbye, and now he’s diggin’ his wounds. He has bitten life at its full, chasin’ every wild desire, flirted with disaster, and now the candle is burnin’ at both ends. Seems like can’t live without the beast within.

He has traded sunshine for twilight, getting weak for every obscure enchantments. It’s painful but it’s fabulous, and now panting cheetas are mad about the scent of his obsessions. There’s true blood on the tracks of his wandering at the break of dawn. There’s no rest for the broken-hearted.

Once again the musical brew of this imaginary soundtrack is as various and eclectic as ever : seventies’ funk, Giallo-thriller and horror scores, psychedelia, rock, contemporary classical, the avant-garde, no wave, free jazz & blues, cinematic atmospheric sounds tinted with the deepest blood red. Every track on the album has been played by real musicians, orchestral ensembles and choirs.


These are stripped-down library versions of tracks off the two BLAKULA! albums re-made/re-modelled and re-edited by the composers. These are dark nuggets of BLAKULA’s Grand Nocturne music. Welcome to the vault.



All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Marco “Simon” Maccari and Andrea Bellentani.

Recorded at Telecine Studio Rome, Sound Di Ripetta Rome, Hausmonik Studio Rome, Peak Studio Carpi, 2010-2012.

Final recordings and mixed at Peak Studio Italy.

Mastered by Simon Maccari at Peak Studio Italy.

Musicians: Andrea Bellentani, Simon Maccari, Cristiano Alberghini, Alessio Alberghini, Carlo Apolloni, Wilko Zanni, Italo Satti, Renato Castoldi, Vittorio Schifani, Mario Sehtl, Amos Amaranti, Alfredo Pasquini, Alle Guerzoni, Marco Bedetti, Giò Mazzini, Francesco Luberti, Roberto Grechi, Paolo Antonelli, Mauro Sica, Patrizio Moro, Aldo Amici, Ennio Fiorini.

Blood Supreme” : Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adam Klemens, recorded @ Smecky Recording Studios Prague.
Cristiano Alberghini: orchestral arrangements.

Francesca Blakk: Vocals on “The weight of darkness“, “A darker shade of noir“.
Voices: Baba Yaga, Domus Cantorum, Antonella Delli Colli.

Brass Ensembles: Sax & Co., Fiati Reali, Little Big Horns.

Strings Ensembles: ” I Modernissimi”, Schema Sinfonietta, Giovane Accademia d’Archi Roma.

No synthesizers have been used on these recordings.

Artwork by Peak Studio Carpi, Italy.
Lyrics by Andrea Bellentani.

Continua la collaborazione con i Diaphanoids, così ho accettato di sviluppare e scrivere nuovi arrangiamenti orchestrali per questo unico e originale progetto!

"Blood Supreme" : Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adam Klemens, recorded @ Smecky Recording Studios Prague.

Cristiano Alberghini: orchestral arrangements.




CD tracks – BearfunkBFKCD028_01s

Blakula paint it red

01. Back From Mystery City (Subterranean Version)
02. Beautiful Addiction (Self Destruction Version)
03. Witches Crew (Mater Suspiriorum Version)
04. Blood Supreme (Prague Symphony Orchestra Version)
05. A Darker Shade Of Noir (Bad Mojo Version)
06. Surrender To The Shadows (Orchestra From Nowhere Version)
07. Permanent Midnight (Noir Swing Version)
08. The Weight of Darkness (Nocturno Version)
09. Miss Morgue (Deep Red Version)
10. Vampire State Building (White Light-White Heat-White Noise Version)


Only animals come out at night. Blakula is out on the streets again, totally lost, left alone to his own vices. What starts out as a kissing, follows him like a bad curse, like a wind seeking crevices under his heart.