Composer specialized in symphonic writing
Teacher recognized by the Vienna Symphonic Library   Steinberg Certified Teacher

2002 - Composition

2000 - Choral Music and Choir Direction

1998 - Organ and Organ Composition

2016 - Steinberg Certified Teacher

2014 - Lecturer recognized Vienna Symphonic Library

2005 - Diploma awarded by the foundation of the Moscow state in Russia "Irina Arkhipova Foundation" - for the composed music and he orchestrated by him as part of the Festival of Culture between the Italian and Russian Ministries of Foreign Affairs; the musical compositions were performed with the Mosfilm Symphony Orchestra.

2004 - Best music for "dance rehearsals with modern music" at the international competition directed by CID International Tanzrat der Uniscotenutosi in Vienna at the "Museum Quartier Theater"

2002 - "Felice e Luigi Magone Award"

2001 - Scholarship "Fondazione Carlo Carolina Bianca and Santina Zucchelli"


- I wrote music for films, short films, TV commercials and television broadcasts for the Kamel Film, POPcult, Maxman Coop, MD Fashions, Central Groucho, Fondazione Milc.

- From 2004 I collaborate as a ComposerArranger and Orchestrator, with the Hungarian Symphony Orchestras of Székesfehérvár (ALBA REGIA), Szeged (Sezeged Symphonic Orchestra) and Szombathely (Savaria Symphonic Orchestra) writing original music for the Theater, Concerts and other occasions .

- In 2018 one of my scores for the great Symphonic Orchestra was directed and recorded by the Symphonova Orchestra director Shelley Katz for the English Symphonova project. (Surrey - UK)

- I published in 2012 with the Artifex Music edition of the Netherlands, original music for great Wind Orchestra and since 2013 I actively collaborate with 7_Floor and Parametri Musicali by composing and creating music and scores for Film, TV and Music Library.

Use of Software, Hardware and Libraries Professional samples to create the audio of the scores I write, in particular I specialized with the Vienna Symphonic Library and software.

Since 2016 I am Steinberg Certified Trainer.

I teach at the "Francesco Venezze" Conservatory of Rovigo the use of sampled libraries for music composition for Film, TV, and Video Games and Systems and programming languages for audio and music applications for 1st and 2st degree courses.




Not(t)e di Natale

Claudio Mattioli
Denis Biancucci
Cristiano Alberghini

Arrangements and Orchestration Cristiano Alberghini

Szeged Symphonic Orchestra (Hungary)
Director: Claudio Desderi

Produzione Multimedia San Paolo – MCD 161

Blakula! Permanent Midnight – Bear Funk Release date Sept 13th, 2010 – The Diaphanoids

Blakula! is one such step; suburbano gothic funk/voodoo disco/slasher-thriller-giallo movie, soundtrack opera. A desperate ride through the alienated landscapes of a city’s darkness.

Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adam Klemens, recorded @ Smecky Recording Studios Prague.
Cristiano Alberghini: orchestral arrangements

Bear Funk – BFKCD013
Release Date: 13 Sep 2010
P&C Bear Funk 2010
Published by Dharma Songs
Made in England

Blakula! Paint it red – Bear Funk Date released Jan 21st, 2013 – The Diaphanoids

“Blood Supreme”: Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adam Klemens, recorded @ Smecky Recording Studios Prague.

Cristiano Alberghini Composer and Orchestral Arrangements

These are stripped-down library versions of tracks off the two BLAKULA! albums re-made/re-modelled and re-edited by the composers. These are dark nuggets of BLAKULA’s Grand Nocturne music.

Heroes and Legends – for Epic Movie and Video Game

Music Library – Heroes and Legends –  for Epic Movie and Video Game – Symphonic Orchestra and Choir – Original music – website 7_floor – Music Library Project

Date released 2013, July – catalogo SEV0044

Organum Superbum

Music Library – ORGANUM SUPERBUM Vol.1
Original music by Cristiano Alberghini – 7_floor – Music Library Project

Date released 2013, January – catalogo SEC0035

Musiche per film immaginari 2

Edizioni: La Locomotiva
Ideazioni Musicali e Produzioni Discografiche
Distribuzione: Believe
Data released Nov. 2012 – Artisti Vari
N° catalogo: LOC 1712-23

Blakula! Back From Mystery City – Bear Funk Release date March 12th, 2012 – The Diaphanoids

“Nights are so long” written by Andrea Bellentani, Simon Maccari and Cristiano Alberghini

Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adam Klemens, recorded @ Smecky Recording Studios Prague.
Cristiano Alberghini: orchestral arrangements

Bearfunk – BFKCD022
Release Date: 19 Mar 2012

“l’Orchestra di Fiati del Futuro”: Pubblicazioni Artifex Music

L’edizione Artifex Music pubblica composizioni originali di Cristiano Alberghini
per orchestra di fiati e strumenti elettronici in un originale progetto:

“l’Orchestra di Fiati del Futuro”

– Leggi l’articolo sulla Società ArtifexMusic Publishing 12 Maggio 2012:
Leggi in lingua
Leggi la traduzione in Inglese (EN)

Questo articolo è stato inserito nella principale rivista “Klankwijzer” nei Paesi Bassi.

Spartiti Musicali con musica originale di Cristiano Alberghini:
Battle of Darkness – A Brave Adventure
The Philosopher’s Stone – Music for a Celebration
A Shadow of Fear


Composer, Producer

Live Recording

Composer – Producer

Studi di Registrazione e Produzione Audio Video

società di produzione cinematografica e televisiva