A story of wolves: original music for documentary

  • Regia: Andrea Dal Pian
  • Produzione: Giusi Santoro
  • Musica: Cristiano Alberghini - Riccardo Nanni
  • Durata: 22'‘
  • Anno: 2014

Il progetto, in breve

In recent years there has been a notable increase in the population of the species Canis lupus, sometimes even close to the anthropized areas.

This fact has led to a consequent increase in the number of injured and / or distressed individuals (road accidents, poaching, poisonings, etc.) which will presumably become more and more frequent.
The Center in fact, in these years of activity, has managed the recovery, care and rehabilitation of seven specimens of wolves (also from other Provinces), of which only three in the year 2012. In these situations the Center has revealed itself a valid point of reference, intervening promptly and effectively in the management of these emergencies that often struggle to find equally valid and competent solutions.

To date there are several projects for damage prevention, monitoring, study and research related to this species, however, given all this, we believe it is necessary to act in time through the development of a coherent project that effectively addresses the most concrete and complex aspect of the management of this species, that is the recovery, the rescue, the cure, the hospitalization, the rehabilitation of the exemplary found injured or in difficulty as well as their reinsertion in nature and the possible monitoring.

Premi e riconoscimenti

Broadcast on TV channel NAT GEO WILD (National Geographic Channel)


centro tutela fauna monte Adone

Almo Nature


Almo Nature presenta Just Freedom
the first of a series of films made to raise awareness on the importance and necessity of a natural biodiversity that includes predators with the purpose of not opposing the pastoral economy, but of favoring it.
A unique documentary on the newfound freedom of two wolves after the recovery in the Just Freedom structure within the Center for the Protection and Research of Exotic and Wild Fauna – Monte Adone

Just Freedom is a documentary “from their point of view”: the return to freedom of two wolves seen through their eyes, brought by their paws to discover “the new”.

From December 2014 will also be made available to the public “Una Storia di Lupi”: the story of two wolf cubs recovered at the end of their life who struggle to regain freedom. From their discovery, until the return to freedom.

Four minutes of intense emotions, this gave us the images of the two wolves Francesco and Spartaco who, thanks to special micro cameras attached to the neck and destined to disengage shortly after, have filmed the first moments of their liberation.

This documentary has involved me emotionally from the beginning, both for the work that is done to help and save these animals, both for the same animals.This aspect and based on the director's requests, I created a music that could emotionally accompany the sense of freedom and independence of which the two wolves and by their nature, they need to live.

The melancholic sense of the musical notes chosen by me underline the difficulties that the life of these animals must overcome in order to survive.