Concerto Parlami d’Amore Tre Tenori : musica originale e arrangiamenti

  • Ideatori: Piano: Denis Biancucci
  • Musica: Cristiano Alberghini
  • Direttore: Dubóczky Gergely
  • Anno: 2019
  • Cast: Tenors: Giorgio Casciarri, Domenico Menini, Alessandro Goldoni

Il progetto, in breve

Concert “Parlami d’amore TRE TENORI”
June 28, 2019 – 9:00 pm

Place : 8000 Székesfehérvár, Pzza. Városház tér – Hungary

Symphonic Orchestra : Alba Regia
Conductor : Dubóczky Gergely

Tenor : Giorgio Casciarri
Tenor : Domenico Menini
Tenor : Alessandro Goldoni

Piano : Denis Biancucci

Compositions , arrangements music and orchestration : Cristiano Alberghini

Concerto Székesfehérvár Ungheria 28 Giugno 2019


(63 Instruments)

3 Flutes / 3° Piccolo
2 Oboi / 2° English Horn
2 Clarinets Bb
1 Basso Clarinet
2 Bassoons / 2° Contrabassoon

4 French Horns
3 Trumpets / 1° Piccolo Trumpet Bb
2 Trombones
1 Bass Trombone
1 Tuba

Per. 1 – Timpani
Per. 2 – Suspended Cymbals, Piatti, Tamburine, Bass Drum, Tam Tam, 4 Tom-toms
Per. 3 – Tubolar Bells, Glockenspiel


3 Tenor

10 Violins I
8 Violis II
6 Violas
6 Violoncellos
4 Contrabbasses (1 with 5 strings)

In this concert, 2 of my compositions for the Symphony Orchestra have been performed. "The Alchemist" is a composition that I wrote in 2011 for Big Orchestra and on this occasion I adapted and partly re-orchestrated.
The original version was performed and recorded for the Symphonova project.

The composition "A choice to make" is a composition that I have taken up and largely re-written, expanding the form.
Also on this occasion the ALBA REGIA Symphony Orchestra of Székesfehérvár (Hungary), will perform these compositions of mine, and it will be a real honor for me to hear this beautiful orchestra!

The arrangement work carried out involves some songs from the Neapolitan repertoire, such as "Non ti scordar di me", "Torna a Surriento", "Mamma", and "Musica proibita". I wrote two other original arrangements for two famous pieces, "O sole mio" and "Caruso", the latter by Lucio Dalla.
They will be performed together with my original compositions on the evening of June 28, 2019.

Applausi - Concerto Ungheria - Székesfehérvár 28 Giugno 2019





The original compositions for Symphonic Orchestra performed are :

The Alchemist – original composition for Symphony Orchestra
The original version was executed and recorded for the Symphonova  project.

A choice to make – re-elaborated, from my original composition present in the theatrical show “ The three golden hair

I wrote all the scores with the software DORICO di Steinberg .