Readership : original music for video readings

  • Regia: Roberto Quagliano
  • Produzione: Kamel Film
  • Musica: Cristiano Alberghini
  • Durata: 17 episodes - 30 minute‘
  • Anno: 2011/2012

Il progetto, in breve

RAI 5 Readership

The union between culture and visual experimentation. This is the meeting that gave birth to Readership, a program created by the production company Kamel Film, broadcast on Sunday 18 September on Rai 5 alle 17.20 per un totale di 16 puntate. (Repliche nel 2012) – Brochure


The articles of the magazine
451 via the literature of science and art
(Italian version of the New York Review of Books “), will take a video form thanks to Readership. Two video-articles from magazine 451 and the New York Review of Books, and a story or poem in the form of video-literature for each episode.

From Tommaso Campanella to David Foster Wallace, passing through Edward Hopper and Tintoretto, from neuroscience to economics, from James Joyce to ecology through, of course, poetry and narrative. This is the challenge that is proposed and proposed Readership to readers-viewers interested in experimenting with new territories of television use. – Brochure

The collaboration with the film production company Kamel Film of Bologna has continued with this beautiful project for RAI 5 TVSo some of my compositions have been used to comment on some readings, in most of the videos produced by the film production company Kamel Film.