The Brothers of Italy: original music for films

  • Regia: Roberto Quagliano
  • Produzione: Kamel Film
  • Musica: Salvatore Panu, Cristiano Alberghini
  • Sceneggiatura: Roberto Quagliano
  • Scenografia: Giulia Stancanelli
  • Montaggio: Franco Ferrara
  • Fotografia: Matteo Quagliano
  • Durata: 108'‘
  • Anno: 2005
  • Cast: Antonio Carli, Francesca Faiella, Claudio Misculin, Simone Gandolfo

Il progetto, in breve

Coproduced by Alberto Perdisa Editore, MonrifNet with the contribution of the Emilia Romagna Region Freely drawn from the book “THE OPERATION IS PERFECTLY SUCCESS” written by Maria Vaccari, Monica Vaccari, Fulvio De Nigris – Alberto Perdisa Editore.
The film tells a true story enriched with fantasy elements for the scenic development. Tells the story of Luca, a 15-year-old boy in a coma after a “perfectly successful” operation and the drama of his parents who find no hope for his son: nor a center in Italy that could and would like to welcome him, or help from the scientific world. Suddenly they find themselves immersed in a world unknown to them, to have their boyfriend in a coma and not know what to do.

Premi e riconoscimenti

CINEMA MEDITERRANEEN MONTPELLIER 2005 (The Montpellier festival takes place every year in October. It welcomes films from all over the world including documentary films and short films. For the registration of the films you can download the entry form or do it directly from the festival site)


PLOT Carlo 30 years old, works in a disco in Trieste, the city where he was born. One day his father asked him to bring his brother Salvatore, disabled from birth, to their sister’s wedding in Sicily. Carlo at first refuses, but then taken by guilt towards the family accepts. Arrived in Sicily, the presence of the Savior begins to inquire the family of the groom, taken from fears for a possible defect in the DNA of the future bride. This episode makes the three brothers take a trip inside Sicily, a journey that gives the three a new meaning to their original family bond …

Interview with Roberto Quagliano What did you film and why? I have filmed the journey of two brothers across Italy. The two brothers are the opportunity, in a different way, to show how our country is different from the stereotypical image that it has in the world and in Italy itself; because? there must be someone who sometimes tells the truth.

– How long are the shots? Four weeks of shooting for 45 hours of footage.

– Which shot represented the biggest challenge? The biggest challenge was the scene shot with real criminal guys, in the most infamous neighborhood of Rome, in the rain, without any permission, with only two hours for shoot four different scenes in the same location: it’s the scene where the protagonist is beaten by the guys on a motorcycle.

– What did you try to get with this movie? I tried to demonstrate, as I did with my previous film, that it is possible to make a film with 100.000 Euro, that it is possible to make a good film, that it is possible to sell it outside Italy, that it is possible to realize it (script included) in six months, which can participate in an important festival, that the trick to fight the types of special effects (Hollywood) and the Chinese is to follow the policy of low costs (like the types that invented the low-cost airlines, the food discounters, and as Mr MacDonald has also done in the catering sector).

– Can you give us an idea of ​​how much time has passed since the idea was born to the finished product? How long did pre-production last, how much production, how much the post-production? A month for the screenplay, one for preproduction, one for production, three for editing and finalization.

The original music composed by me, later chosen by the director Roberto Quagliano of the film production company Kamel Film of Bologna (Italy), have been chosen to be included under some sequences of the film.These are compositions of "free inspiration", that is, written without a specific purpose, other than to free my musical creativity.Naturally the character of the music is aligned with the emotional moment in which I conceived them.

The choices made at the time of creation, adapt perfectly to the film, creating moments of profound emotional intensity.