The Grandma – Short film – Original Soundtrack

  • Regia: Daniele Balboni
  • Produzione: Route 9 Productions e Giostra Film
  • Musica: Cristiano Alberghini
  • Montaggio: Paolo marzoni
  • Fotografia: Mirco Sgarzi (A.I.C.)
  • Durata: 0'15"‘‘
  • Anno: 2018
  • Cast: Filippo Marchi, Luigi Monfredini, Angela Malfitano, Irma Ridolfini, Maria Francesca Giordani

Il progetto, in breve


Enrico lives in a big Italian city with his girlfriend, Emma. During the night an earthquake hits hard the house in the countryside where live the father (ARMANDO), the mother (ILVA) and the grandmother infirm in the bed for months. Enrico decides to return to his home of origin to help the family, but the characters of father and son collide generating a much bigger problem than an earthquake. The stakes are the health of grandma.

The Grandma – Director Daniele Balboni – Music Cristiano Alberghini

This is a project to which I could not have said no. After Daniele Balboni's director sent me the script, I was struck by the subject and by how the narrative elements were written. My answer is immediately positive, agreeing to write the music for this beautiful short film.

The musical soundtrack has been differentiated on 3 main aspects.

- The first of timbric contrast.
In the Main Title, we hear an acoustic guitar that accompanies the solo Cello theme. The Cello sound has been modified to not give a clear perception of the instrument. So the guitar identifies the state of quiet, a moment before the earthquake, while the Cello identifies the moment when things change. Besides highlighting the change that the earthquake will bring, it also influences the psychological aspect of people.

- The second aspect is the Western one.
The music accompanies the journey that the protagonist makes with his wife to the house in the country, of my parents.
At first the music rhythmically accompanies the journey, and then evolves with a more incisive rhythm towards an atmosphere of challenge, which will be captured with the sound of the Tubular Bell, when the eyes of the son and father cross, anticipating so the relationship between the two is tension.

- The third aspect is given by the more traditional use of the instruments with tonal harmonies, to underline both the melancholic post-earthquake moment and the final moment, in which the grandmother becomes the protagonist and the way to pacify the tension between the father and the son.

The Grandma - Original Soundtrack Cristiano Alberghini