“When a lion knocked on the door”: original music for the theater

  • Regia: Giovanni Dispenza
  • Produzione: Accademia Perduta
  • Musica: Cristiano Alberghini
  • Sceneggiatura: Testo originale dello spettacolo Caterina Bartoletti
  • Luci: Matteo Taverna
  • Durata: 50'‘
  • Anno: 2006
  • Cast: Caterina Bartoletti, Giovanni Dispenza, Frida Zerbinati, Angelo Cicotta

Il progetto, in breve

“When a lion knocked on the door…”, from a short story of Anne Cottringer
Original text of the show, Caterina Bartoletti

Starting from a short story by Anne Cottringer, Lara and the bad lion, our story tells of an imaginary lion that Frida creates, to console herself of the emotional loss due to her newborn brother. A special event and Frida becomes familiar with her little brother while the lion disappears from the door from which he appeared.

What we are interested in emphasizing in our staging is precisely the problematic acceptance of a brother with whom we must share the love of parents, and the mechanisms of the imagination with which we try to defend or replace this loss.

When a lion knocked on the door, he wanted to be an actor theater show contaminated by the circus arts, which is then our theatrical research objective. In particular for this show we are interested in using juggling and acrobatics to emphasize the fantastic atmosphere that Frida lives in her games with the lion and to make the latter (played by an actor in costume) a decidedly extra-daily figure.

Premi e riconoscimenti

Show finalist Childhood Scenario Award 2006
Circomistico theater company – Bologna



Frida is a happy girl. She likes playing with her mother, going to the park with dad, inventing a thousand stories with them. Then the mother’s belly arrived. The diapers, the bottles, the cradle arrived. And Mom and Dad had no more time to play with her. And Frida was bored, terribly bored. Then Martino arrived. And with the new little brother you could not play, because when Frida tried to hold him in her arms she immediately began to cry, and mum and dad scolded her.

But together with Martin that day a lion entered the door. He did not look like a bad lion, on the contrary … Frida had so much fun with the lion. Together they played, they enjoyed themselves, they rolled and they made a lot of cuddles. Frida’s bedroom turned into magical worlds. Do you think that one day his room became a real circus tent, full of colors, music and with all the possible and imaginable attractions. And Frida and the lion were the two protagonists of the show.

But when the lion saw Martin in his cradle, he roared loud and destroyed everything. And Mom and Dad scolded Frida. Then Frida scolded the lion.

Every now and then the father took Frida to the playground or to the supermarket, and then Frida was amused to ride on the rides or in the middle of the shelves of the supermarket in the company of her father. And there was also the lion. And he too enjoyed it. But it was enough that Daddy named Martin and immediately the lion began to do damage. To topple the shelves, roll the cans of tomatoes all over the supermarket, push and scoff at the father. Until…

Frida with the lion

Frida and the little brother

Frida in the savannah

Frida plays with the lion

Depending on the type of this play for children and the peculiarities that the plot describes, the original music ranges from situations of suspense to fantasy situations, such as tribal rhythms of the savannah, carillon, organs of Barberia, atonal style, classic etc ..






1 Piccolo
2 Flutes
2 Oboes
1 English Horn
2 Clarinets
1 Bass Clarinet
2 Bassoons
1 Contra Bassoon

4 French Horns
3 Trumpet
3 Trombones
1 Tuba


Percussion not intoned
Wind Chimes
Suspended Cymbals
Tam Tam
Metal sheet
Spring Drum
Tom Toms
Bass Drum

Percussioni Intonate
Campane Tubolari

– Keyboard Instruments
5 Synthesizers
1 Barrel organ

– Stringed stringed instruments
1 Harp

14 Violins I
12 Violins II
10 Violas
08 Cellos
06 Double Basses (a 5 corde)