Tutorial Video.it

I approached the world of music computer technology since I was a boy.
This gave me the chance to practice with the very first and rudimentary tools that the market initially offered. (I wrote in Basic language to make the computer “play”).

I have constantly followed the evolution of musical informatics, Hardware and Software, during the course of my academic studies in Composition, Organ, Choir Direction and Jazz.

Over time I have found myself several times writing music for the Theater, Musicals, Big Bands, Advertising, Short Films, Feature Films and, more generally, situations in which the symphony orchestra was required. Not on all these occasions, however, a true orchestra was available.

The Vienna Symphonic Library allowed me to create my scores in a very unique and effective way, giving me the possibility to write first the music and the orchestration and then “Virtualize the Score”, that is, making the audio of it.

From August 2013 the Tutorial Video.IT ​​website is on-line and from January 2014 has been recognized by the Vienna Symphonic Library as the first on-line site in Italy, for training on libraries and software developed by them.


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